Top 10 Dim Sum Restaurants

About 5 year(s) ago by Inn at Union Square
Dining in San Francisco
San Francisco is known for many wonderful things, and Dim Sum is one of them.San Fran offers the best dim sum in the US. Surprisingly it is not found just in Chinatown either. For the best small bite-sized Chinese food, check out the following top hot spots: 1-Yank sing in the Financial District, 2- Hong Kong Lounge in Richmond, 3-You’s Dim Sum in Chinatown, 4-Jook Time in the Richmond area, 5- Kingdom of Dumpling in Parkside, 6- Gold Mountain Restaurant in Chinatown, 7- Good Luck in Dim Sum in Richmond, 8- Good Mong Kok Bakery- Chinatown, 9- Mayflower Seafood Restaurant in Richmond.
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