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Chinatown at San Francisco, California
San Francisco Chinatown
Chinatown at San Francisco


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Chinatown, San Francisco California 94133
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Chinatown San Francisco

Embrace the culture, cuisine and art of Asia at San Francisco's historic Chinatown. Walk through the dragon-crested Chinatown Gate, a gift from the Republic of China and explore Chinatown's old blocks and historic alleyways lined with Chinese stores, herbal shops, markets, restaurants, bars, temples, and art galleries. Enjoy dining and Dim Sum at wonderful Chinese restaurants.
Discover beautiful churches and temples, like Old St. Mary's and Kong Chow Temple, and Chinese-influenced buildings , including Bank of Canton and Sing Chong Building. Visit unique attractions, including Portsmouth Square – the heart of Chinatown - Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, and Great Star Theater.


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  • Chinese New Year Parade
  • Chinese New Year Flower Fair
  • Chinatown Community Street Fair
  • Autumn Moon Festival
  • Chinese Culture Center Spring Festival
  • San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival


  • Dining & Shopping
  • Cultural Festivals & Parades
  • Chinatown Night Market Fair at Portsmouth Square
  • Chinatown Walking Tours

Chinatown Dining

Enjoy a culinary adventure in Chinatown as you visit authentic Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese restaurants, food markets, and bakeries. Pick up your chopsticks and dig into lo mein and Peking duck at authentic Chinatown restaurants including Bund Shanghai Restaurant, Capital Restaurant, R & G Lounge, Great Eastern Restaurant, Green Garden, Hong Kong Clay Pot Restaurant, Z & Y Restaurant, kam Lok Restaurant, and Hunan Homes Restaurant. Tucked away in one of Chinatown's alleys, Hang Ah Tea Room is San Francisco's oldest dim sum house.

Chinatown Walking Tours -

Explore the mysterious maze of San Francisco Chinatown on Walking Tours. Experience the sights, sounds and ancient culture as you visit Chinese markets, specialty stores, historic landmarks and attractions, such as Fortune Cookie Factory, Chinatown Alleys, Chinatown Gateway, and Portsmouth Square.

All About Chinatown Walking Tour -

See buildings of historical and architectural interest and unique attractions, including the Fortune Cookie Factory, Chinese Language School, Herbal Pharmacy, Stockton Street Food Markets, and Waverly Place.

Culinary Walking Tour of Chinatown -

Walk to the back alleys, food markets, and local restaurants for a culinary journey through Chinatown. Visit the Fortune Cookie Factory and enjoy an authentic Chinese dinner in the heart of Chinatown.


Public Transportation to Chinatown?

Getting to Chinatown is easy by train and bus. Hop on the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) trains to Downtown San Francisco (exit Powell Street Station), and transfer to one of the buses that stop in Chinatown, including the 12 Folsom, 30 Union-Stockton, and the 45. Buses charge $1.50. Hop on the historic cable cars on the California Street line! Chinatown is located just steps from the Inn at Union Square

What annual events are held in Chinatown?

Chinatown offers exciting cultural events, including the Chinese New Year Parade, Chinese New Year Flower Fair, Chinatown Community Street Fair, and Autumn Moon Festival. One of the world's top ten parades, the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco is a huge celebration with colorful floats, marching bands, elaborate costumes, ferocious lions, exploding firecrackers, marching bands, martial arts, Chinese acrobatics, and Miss Chinatown USA. In the spring, you find the Chinese Culture Center Spring Festival and San Francisco International Asian Film Festival.


Driving Direction to Chinatown From or The Inn at Union Square
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